Notes on Printing and Finishing

1.In order to avoid any errors by the customer, we need to be very careful with the proofs before printing, so we ask the customer to confirm the finished artwork by returning the E-mail or faxing the signature file before printing. If there is any dispute at the time of delivery, the confirmation or signature file shall prevail.

2.Please be sure to read and understand the relevant production and printing instructions in order to avoid losses due to incorrectly conceived finished files.

3.When sending files, in addition to the printed files, JPG files should be attached for the factory to proofread the files. Please specify the contents to be printed especially the file name, paper, quantity, single-sided and double-sided, processing method, etc., to avoid missing or printing the wrong files.

4.When reprinting the old files, please send JPG files first to confirm that the printed version is correct.

5.When reprinting the old files, the color difference may be within plus or minus 10% of the normal value due to the ink control volume of the same file. If the colors are "dark brown", "orange", "purple", "green", "blue", etc., there may be obvious color difference, so we need to attach color samples for printing.

6.The color of the screen and inkjet printouts cannot be used as a standard for printing color matching, and can only check the function of missing words, positions, or missing layers. For the color accuracy, please use the standard color rendering table or special color (PANTONE color number) for color adjustment specify (if there is a special color PANTONE design, please inform the sales staff in advance).

7.The printing ink effect is based on the CMYK color table as the recognized standard, and the delivery standard is based on the color error range of 10% for each color.

8.The thickness of the cutter/roller is 2mm, so the error of the finished size ±2mm is normal. If this causes unequal distance on all sides, please do not use it as a reason for return.

9.The delivery period of our printing products is calculated by working days, excluding the next order day, Saturday, Sunday and regular holidays.

10.If the printed materials have been completed and the delivery date has to be changed, we can keep the products for 15 days.

11.Due to the paper manufacturing process, there is a difference in the thickness of the paper, and the number of thickness bars varies from factory to factory, within a reasonable range of 10%.

1.Make sure to use "CMYK" mode for coloring, do not use RGB for coloring. The resolution of dot matrix (e.g. tif, psd, jpg, eps file) should be 300dpi~350dpi and the color mode should be CMYK.

2.Please do not use four-color black color filling, or four-color total value of more than 200% of the color filling to avoid the slow drying of the ink causing back printing especially on the double-sided printing quality, which can cause very big impact and pollution of the print. We can not compensate for reprinting.

3.If the use of four-color filler (or four-color base anti-white characters) causes back-printing or four-color plate set inaccuracy, we will not return the product.

4.Please do not use less than 5% of the color of the bottom picture, otherwise the color will be too light to print.

5.Set the frame line in the manuscript to at least 0.5pt/0.167mm to avoid broken line or unclear situation.

6.All the letters and sentences must be turn into curved (to create an outer frame) and remove unnecessary text noise.

7.Be sure to bleed at least 5mm on each side of the finished document, and at least 8mm on each side if you need to bleed on corrugating paper to avoid cutting white edges.

8.Please use K100 for all black plates with partial varnishing (hot foil die-stamping, embossing, etc.).