• Suggestions for basic print runs or small print runs? (MOQ)

    The recommended print run for customized individual prints (including paper boxes, paper bags, catalogs, etc.) is 1000 units to meet cost requirements, and for quotations under 1000 units. Please contact our sales staff and we will do our best to serve you.
  • Is it possible to do pre-press proofing?

    We provide plain box proofing (white box proofing) and digital color inkjet proofing service, and we also provide machine proofing service (chargeable).
  • What types of files are required for printing?

    Please provide Ai files (Adobe Illustrator) or editable formats (e.g. EPS, PDF, PSD, minimum 300dpi) as much as possible, and be sure to set CMYK color mode. (For details, please refer to the Printing and Finishing Instructions)
  • Will there be color difference?

    The color difference is normal within the range of plus or minus 10%. Because computers and any mobile devices are RGB color rendering and fluorescent, the printing is performed with CMYK printing ink, and the color gap is normal. In addition, some paper materials have a slight color (such as gray copper paper, art paper, etc.), and the color of the ink itself will be affected. Therefore, the color of inkjet prints cannot be used as a standard for color matching in printing. If the color is more accurate Please use the standard color rendering table or special color (PANTONE color number) for color adjustment. (For details, please refer to the Printing and Finishing Instructions)
  • Production and delivery time?

    Generally, mass production takes about 7-14 working days, due to the different processing conditions of each print. The correct delivery time will be marked on the remarks of the quotation, or you can contact our sales to confirm. Please note that the delivery time stated in the quotation is the working days required after the final draft is confirmed.